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Added Planning Board Meeting on 12/12. Will 214 Hudson Street retain its uniqueness?

This historic house is one of the oldest in Hoboken. It has been highlighted as a contributing resource to the Hoboken Historic District. With good reason, and public inputs, the Hoboken Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has turned down the application. Still, the developer has pressed on to the Planning Board. At the December 5th meeting, the developer presented their "fill in the gaps, and then some" vision for this property. There was no time provided for public questions or statements.

The extension of the meeting is now Tuesday, 12/12/23, starting at 7:00 PM, downstairs at City Hall. Please attend so your voice can be heard.

On the agenda it’s listed as #1 for public discussion. Please join in to help block this proposal -- the developer is still pushing for approval of a much denser and higher plan for the Hudson Street portion of this property.

The proposed new structure would overwhelm the façade of the current house, for which only the front façade would remain visible. As a quick reminder of how this property looks now, see:

Currently the full south-facing side of the structure is clearly visible from the sidewalk, so its proposed enclosure within the new, much-larger structure would also diminish its visual impact. Most of the side garden would disappear under this proposal and two large trees would be removed. If accepted, over 73% of the lot would be covered.

For more on this proposed development on this property, visit the links at:

The HPC noted, in its rejection of the Hudson Street side of the plan, that the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards have clearly outlined appropriate standards for add-ons to historic structures …” It should always be subordinate to the historic building; it should not compete in size, scale or design with the historic building.” Many thanks to the HPC for its unanimous rejection of the proposed reuse of this property. And for taking an official stand against it.

This proposal for the Hudson Street structure certainly overwhelms the existing façade, eliminates the side view, fills in the side garden and hides its uniqueness.

Unfortunately, as a counterpoint or scare tactic, the developer's team has also showed an "as of right" alternative that would fill the current side garden and visually crowd the existing 214 Hudson house. As that depiction doesn't even include a front door, or stoop, one can doubt they'd move forward with that approach on such a valuable property.

The proposal as stands appears to require a number of variances: number of floors, height of the structure and roof terrace access points. The Planning Board should also understand the value of the existing house and should protect it from being hidden by the filled-in area and added floor apartments.

Your interest and help are deeply appreciated!

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