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Task Force in the News

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Responsible Development Task Force has weighed in to support stabilization of and adaptive reuse for the Records Building, the oldest structure in the Hoboken Yards. hMag featured some highlights, including the 4/16/20 virtual meeting open to the public: http://hmag.com/hoboken-hosting-virtual-public-meeting-new-jersey-transit-records-building-april-16/

As we worked through varied aspects of the revised Hoboken Yards plan, we shared our concerns with City Council, the redevelopment entity in Hoboken. Here are three articles that include our perspective and ongoing concerns:

In nj.com, as the story also ran in the Star Ledger, summing up reaction to the latest changes:


In the Hudson Reporter:


And in hMag, just prior to the latest presentation to the public:


Thanks to many in the public and our government, there's been real progress from where the latest plan started last September!

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