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  • Terry Pranses

Moving? Is this the Records Building or Something New? When and Where?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Questions about a blended approach now ...

Is NJ Transit pursuing Alternative #5 and/or Alternative #6?

Current indications are that between 50% and 80% of the structure’s bricks will be salvaged. Whether this provides is a “moved building” or “new building” should be discussed publicly. If up to 50% of the structure is from other sources, how can one pretend this is "adaptive reuse"? Some related questions:

1. Which plan (#5 or #6) is NJ Transit actually implementing?

2. What is the allocated budget?

3. Where will the archived materials be stored and under what conditions?

4. When does the City plan to rebuild the Records Building?

5. Where does the City plan to rebuild the Records Building?

6. If it is planned for Hoboken Yards, just south of Observer Highway

and the southern end of Willow Avenue, as some have suggested:

— Will the City reopen the Hoboken Yards Planning process?

— How will the City address the “No Build Zone” designation there?

— Could an opening up of the “No Build Zone” for this use force an opening up

of other parts of the “No Build Zone”?

— Has developer LCOR given up all future interest in the allotted area?

7. If NJ Transit and the City prefer a move and reuse scenario for NJ Transit Police use:

— How is this location better than something in or closer to the Terminal?

— What is the budget for that use?

— Can that use be configured comfortably within the Records Building footprint

and size?

— If it can’t be configured within the Records Building, what percent of the

original Records Building be utilized?

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