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It adds up: Complete your U.S. Census survey!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

For more information, please visit:

On this front, it pays to "be a number"! Hoboken residents, you should have received 2 letters + 1 postcard.

How many are we now? We were just over 50,000 in 2010, after decades of growth. Are we now 60,000? What is the impact of growth on our quality of life?

It's important. These counts impact everything from allocation of seats in the House of Representatives to the allocation of different types of funding. We also need an accurate count to better plan for our future. Our increasing density should be part of our broader discussion about the type of Hoboken we want for the future.

We have long been aware of strains on crucial infrastructure as we add buildings and population. COVID-19 now challenges our City and the densely-populated New York City region. We should consider the strength of our health services capabilities as we review future additions to the local population and workforce.

How does Hoboken stand on the completing the 2020 Census?

Click below for a quick tabulation:

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