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  • Terry Pranses

Hoboken Yards Site 3 -- Should this be Commercial?

Two Shorter Towers, capping at 145’. At Observer Highway & Henderson Street

These buildings are currently slated for Commercial development only.

The New Plan for Hoboken's Rail Yards — What to Watch?

a. Why does this New Plan fight our existing patterns? Wouldn’t Site 3 be better as Residential? This site is roughly situated south of the bases of Adams and Jefferson Streets, which are across Newark Street. Both now shown as Commercial. Generally, in downtown Hoboken, business locations are further east. And residences are further west.

b. If Commercial only, how much van/jitney traffic will be generated?

This site is 0.5 miles from the PATH stairs and buses, and a bit further from the trains, light rail and ferry. 0.5 miles is considered the outer limit for a pedestrian commute in a transit-based development.

LCOR and NJ Transit have indicated that this area is set for “later development”, perhaps as much as 10 years out. It was not even factored into the Traffic Study submitted with the update. It is being used, at this re-plan stage, to try to increase the total Commercial square footage numbers in the mix.

Will the Commercial designation stick, or is this certain to be “re-negotiated”

5 or 10 years out?

Concerned about Sites 1 and 2? See separate articles on those.

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