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Hoboken's Records Building among NJ's Ten Most Endangered Historic Places

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The advocacy of many Hoboken residents for this unique building has caught the eye of some important preservation advocates at Preservation New Jersey.

In May, after their comprehensive nomination and review process, PNJ included it in places that need to be spotlighted so that governments and funders can work to save and, where appropriate, develop adaptive reuse plans. They applauded the efforts of Hoboken residents to save this significant structure as part of the larger Hoboken Yards complex.

For their take on the Records Building and to see the other nine places named, please visit:

If you visit the prominent video on the 10 Most Endangered, the short sections highlighting the Records Building start at roughly 12:15 and 37:16.

In addition, Preservation NJ took a strong position supporting adaptive reuse:

Let's hope the key stakeholders are paying attention!

Thanks again to you for viewing and to Preservation New Jersey for highlighting this important piece of Hoboken's heritage!

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