• Sylvia Schwartz

"Donut Hole" in Jeopardy

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Task Force vigorously supports green space ... both in public parks and within the "donut" ... the backyards and open spaces between buildings which face our streets. Those yards and spaces have been under continued attack as some buildings have extended well beyond what is typical on their blocks.  

The City's standing ordinance, in effect for decades, has set the limit at 60% maximum lot coverage. Some City Council members want to allow an extra 2% coverage if it is allotted for stairs or balconies. However, Council Members Doyle and Jabbour, are opposed and you can read their detailed letter to the Hudson Reporter here: http://bit.ly/2LSD7zq

Developers and renovators can easily cut back to 58% or less in order to stay within the allowed 60% lot coverage. Or put stairs inside the building. We thank those Council members who voted against this amendment to Ordinance B-40 and Mayor Bhalla for vetoing it.  Please urge the other Council members to let this very appropriate veto stand. Thank you!

8-19-18 UPDATES: 1) Hoboken Reporter Letter to the Editor on Ordinance B-40 by one of the Task Force members (http://bit.ly/OrdinanceB-40Letter) and 2) "Dueling over the "donut hole" article in the Hoboken Reporter (http://bit.ly/DonutHole8-19-18)

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